1. We import new release film for PCB & FPC pressing machine (Bonding), Can be used at Temp 100 to 260 C, It is also availble on PET release film and protect film. We can adjust release ability. Max width is 1200mm.
  2. Very thin silicone rubber sheet is used for FPD Module Assembly (ACF-TAB, OLB,COG Bonding), We use unique technology applying PTFE on surface of silicone sheet to keep exellent release fuction.
  3. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) called poor PTFE(Teflon). It has extremely high abrasion resistance. It is good for skis and snowboard, automotive weather stripping. Thickness is 0.075mm to 2mm.
  4. We always do rewinding, slit rewinding, cut sheeting for our customers. Please call us now for more information.
  5. Big sell for Polyimide Film & Tape. Call us now!
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